Simple protection against oxidation of accumulator terminals

Simple protection against oxidation of accumulator terminals

We got used to online communication while conventional post is disappearing. Sorting out the letters, customer manager was surprised when he got the envelope from Krasnodar Krai. 

The letter was written by Sergey Somov. He thanked for help in solving some issue.

It is better to quote some excerpts from the letter with our comments, and you will understand everything.

"As a rule, oxidation of accumulator terminals occurs as a result of constant contact with environment (moisture, warmth, cold) and high amperage of the accumulator. Very often some inexperienced drivers fix the terminals poorly: some terminals may even roll. As a result, this can cause not only flashing but also inflammation.

Then author of the letter clarifies the method of test of the accumulator and prevention the terminal oxidation:

"At first, it is necessary to measure the electric potential of the generator and terminals and to check the intactness of the accumulator body. Micro cracks can appear from which acid vapor exhales. The vapor can land on the surface of the terminals destroying the accumulator body.

What can be done if the accumulator is damaged heavily? It is necessary to exchange it. You cannot do anything else. Many people invent sophisticated methods to fix the accumulator. In this case, I say: "Dear friends, don't waste time!" Not only it will break sooner or later but also the accumulator will be damaged. If the accumulator is in bad condition the generator is exposed to additional load. This can result in breakdown of the generator. 

If everything is all right and all parts are in good condition the preventive measures are necessary. NANOPROTECH Auto Electric can help in this. This product is easy to use. Please do not confuse it with engine additives.

If oxygenated layer is significant it is necessary to remove it and clean the surface. All this dirt prevents the current flow. I took NANOPROTECH Auto Electric and sprayed it on the oxygenated layer, then removed all rubbish with tissue. After having cleaned the terminals from oxidation, I put on the prepared felt rings and applied NANOPROTECH on every part . Then I let the spray to saturate.

And now there is no problem!

And also I recommend applying NANOPROTECH on all connections and electrics. This will not be excessive. Oxidation of the contacts and their impurity directly connected with the quality of current flow. Protective coating prevents the oxidation of contacts. One aerosol can be used for a long time. 6 months and a half have passed and everything works perfectly! I drove in winter without problems! Thanks to NANOPROTECH!

Yours sincerely, 
Sergey Somov"

Our team was pleased to get such a letter. few respect our clients and those who is not indifferent to innovations.

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