Protection against condensate. Are you ready for heating season?

Protection against condensate. Are you ready for heating season?

Preparation for heating season requires solving the problems which are disregarded in summer.

These solutions are examination of heating, water supply, waste water, and ventilation systems, as well as foundation sealing and window insulation. Service utilities and private building owners are well acquainted with the preparation works.


The majority of problems are usually solved with standard tools and materials. The only thing that cannot be eliminated is condensate!
On many forums, the most popular advice is to bar oxygen to cold surface.

For doing this, it is recommended to cover the water supply pipes with a polyurethane foam, to apply paraffin on them, to wind the pipes with a asbestos cord and then to saturate them with liquid glass. Many of these alternatives are time consuming. NANOPROTECH Home Anticor is a different story because it is so easy and efficient to spray on the pipes.

In many Russian cities, specialists in public utilities and housing services and in water supply services use NANOPROTECH Home Anticor successfully. 

NANOPROTECH solidly covers the surface and penetrates deeply into micro cavities and cracks, the things that other products could not achieve. The main thing is that NANOPROTECH builds a water proofing coating and protects the pipes against condensate.

It is possible to apply NANOPROTECH on wet surface and that is why there is no need to dry the pipes.

For best protection of the pipes against condensate, experts recommend use NANOPROTECH and cheap thermal insulation together.

Besides, it is impossible to protect steel valves, valve gates, surge valves, and faucets against condensate using conventional products. Thanks to good spraying from an aerosol can and high fluidity, NANOPROTECH films the most complex mechanisms. At the same time, the surface remains lubricated and does not require additional application while "liquid key" does.

Preparation for heating season implies not only servicing of pipe lines because water supply project often includes usage of different electric appliances. They are sensors, relay, switch, lighting equipment, and electric boiling pans. Short circuit caused by condensate is great danger.

All in all, public utilities and housing services that use NANOPROTECH will secure good attitude of public.

By Alexey Timanov