Corrosion prevention

Corrosion prevention

Car is historically considered in Russia not only as means of transport but also as luxury and family member which requires financing.

Compared to people, vehicles need a constant care and refueling. Without doing this, the vehicles will not work. Breakdowns inflict additional expenses in your budget and may influence on you safety.

During technical service, oil in motor and oil filter are changed, suspension arm is checked so you can enjoy driving every day. However, it is necessary to keep in mind the effects of corrosion.

Today we will talk about how to protect vehicle body against corrosion, to stop squeaking, to unlock the door, and to unscrew the bolts. Let's take a look on more serious problem that may cause fire in car and other accidents.

Any car is a complex electric system. The great number of controllers and relays operate the engine and equipment. They are well protected, but cable terminals are almost always exposed to moisture. The process of oxidation occurs constantly as a result of rainwater, vapor from accumulator acid, and condensate caused by daily temperature change.


Day by day all these factors cause corrosion on the terminals increasing their resistance. The cabling gets fragile and in case of vibration it may inflame the insulation and plastics. Besides, accidental flow of water into working generator, starter or engine control system may damage the car for a long time.

As a rule, this is not insurable event.

Our specialists know two method of protection against corrosion and oxidation of the terminals:

1. It is possible to apply NANOPROTECH Auto Electric on exposed wiring, accumulator terminals, connections, engine, and generator.


2. Our dealers can consult and help you.