Lubricant and Protection from corrosion for cycling in winter

Lubricant and Protection from corrosion for cycling in winter

As you know, summer is the most suitable time for cycling. However, only few people is brave enough to cycle in winter. The reasons are evident: it is cold, slippery, and dark. There is no pleasure to cycle in winter, in fact.

That is why, the question that has to be answered is where to keep a bicycle and how to preserve it in winter. 

Where to keep a bicycle?

Rubber and plastic details are exposed to the direct sunlight and the change of temperature, these details lose the elasticity and become fragile. Paint on the bicycle frame becomes pale and is destroyed.

Atmospherical condensation (rain, snow) is harmful for metal details. A chain is damaged by corrosion, at first. Bearing blocks are damaged by corrosion, though they are protected by oil seals and dust seals.

That is why, ideal way for preserving of a bicycle in winter is keeping it in a dry room without temperature changes. For example, it is possible to keep a bicycle in a flat. Moreover, it is not recommended to keep a bicycle near the heating units, otherwise a bicycle will experience the same temperature changes.

Another place is balcony. In glazed balcony, it is enough to protect a bicycle from direct sunlight by covering it with paper, cloth, polythene film.

It is not recommended to keep a bicycle in open-air balcony: there is no way to efficiently protect a bicycle rain and snow in such a place.

It is possible to keep a bicycle in the unheated place (in the garage or shed). I keep all my bicycles in the garage during 5 winter seasons in row. In winter, I use one bicycle and keep it in the garage. The garage is not heated but protected from rain and snow. The result is quite satisfying.

How to preserve a bicycle in winter?

The first step is to wash and lubricate a bicycle. Special attention should be paid on lubricating of a chain. For this purpose, we recommend Nanoprotech-Eltreco For Bicycle.
After that, it is necessary to rub all metal details with oiled tissue. It is important to switch the chain to the smallest chain wheels (rear and front). By doing this, you achieve minimum tension of the cables.

Please use a stiff lubricant for lubricating of bearings.

If a bicycle is put on the floor, it is necessary to pump up the tires to a working pressure to avoid deformation of the tyres.

If you hang your bicycle on a hook on the wall, you can reduce tyres pressure.

How to minimize space taken by a bicycle?

If you do not have enough space for keeping a bicycle, it is possible to remove a wheel, to take out the pedals, and to turn the handlebars through 90 degrees."

Lubrication and protection from corrosion during cycling in winter.

If you are not afraid of cold and like cycling in winter, use universal Nanoprotech-Eltreco For Bicycle. Apply all movable details with spray, and, as a result, frost is no longer obstacle for you. It is possible to apply the chrome-plated part with Nanoprotech-Eltreco For Bicycle.

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