New product line NANOPROTECH for bicycle and bike

New product line NANOPROTECH for bicycle and bike

By summer season, Innovation Technologies Ltd. expands the range of retail products under NANOPROTECH trade mark!

NANOPROTECH for bicycle and bike is developed by an order of ELTRECO specially for bikes, quads, scooters, bicycles, bicycle hybrids, Sea-Doo, motor boats, and runabouts.

ELTRECO is a trade mark joining several companies all over the world that develop, produce, sell and serve the information and technical solutions in the ecology, transport and information industries.

NANOPROTECH products proofed in practice its efficacy in protection of metal details, machine and equipment components, electric circuits from chemicals and liquids

Each NANOPROTECH product has clear-cut protective, anticorrosion, lubricating and penetrating properties. Modern application of equipment, electric drives, electric devices and mechanisms with NANOPROTECH guarantees an absolute protection from climatic hazards. It also means a successful performance and long service life regardless of the environment.