New product line NANOPROTECH Marine

New product line NANOPROTECH Marine

Innovation Technologies informs about new product line NANOPROTECH Marine.

Our company participates in Cost-Effective Use of Energy and Resources Programm and realizes Marine Doctrine of Russian Federation till 2020 by using resourse- and energy saving technologies.

NANOPROTECH Marine product line was developed specially for industrial application on the shipboard equipment in sea crafts. Our product allows to increase a service life of mechanisms and to avoid excess expenditures on the repair of mechanic, electrotechnical and navigation equipment on sea craft of any kind. It also enable the marine systems to work efficiently and correctly.

The main source of the profitability increase is a reduction of operating costs and loses from the equipment breakdown and idle time. Operating costs can be reduced to a minimum by a timely and purposeful service of marine equipment with «NANOPROTECH Marine». Application NANOPROTECH Marine will help to avoid off-schedule (breakdown) stoppage and replacement of the marine equipment.

Electric and lighting equipment applied with «NANOPROTECH Marine» excludes any problems connected with harmful effects of any kind of moisture. The product restores a working performance and electric conductivity of elements and devices damaged by moisture (oxidation, corrosion, current leakage). Application of NANOPROTECH by aerosol can does not require full dismantling, disassembling, and drying of the repaired equipment. This simplifies a repair and reduces costs.

Unique water proofing, anticorrosion, insulation, and penetrating properties of «NANOPROTECH Marine» are confirmed by technical statements and laboratory tests.