New video - Nanoprotech in action!

New video - Nanoprotech in action!

We are happy to represent our new way of presentation of Nanoprotech. This video is for strong and confident men. 

Our company and our representative in the USA Nanoprotech FL, LLC represent new trailer about using Nanoprotech in cars and weapons.

Each owner wants to have nice, good-cared and running vehicle. You have to take care of its exterior and technical condition. To reach these both goals Nanoprotech is perfect.

Our product will protect the electronics of your car such as terminals, contacts, batteries, safety appliance from any kind of water. Nanoprotech will protect the metal parts of your vehicle from corrosion and lubricates the moving elements. Nanoprotech will extend the life of your vehicle.

This video will demonstrate to you Nanoprotech in action.

All kinds of weapon are needed to take care of them. It’s very important remember 2 major rules: keep the weapon clean and take care of it after shooting. For major part of the shooters the process of cleaning the weapon is a kind of meditation.

Nanoprotech is perfect for weapon protection and conservation. Nanoprotech penetrates into the surface, pushes out the snuff, cleans corrosion. It evens the metal surface on micro level as repair-recovery composition and creates a lay that reduces the friction and amortization.