Application of NANOPROTECH on BAKU tanker

Application of NANOPROTECH on BAKU tanker

Please find below the report of Palmali Shipping Company about NANOPROTECH tests. The tests were conducted on BAKU tanker.

NANOPROTECH Marine protective coatings have been used by electromechanicians of Palmali Shipping Company since December 2011.

The following details were applied with NANOPROTECH:

- corroded conducting wire. After application with NANOPROTECH Liquid Insulation the corrosion stopped;

- blades (IGS. Deck Seal Flow Switch) with salt deposits (these deposits resulted in blade breakdown). After application, the salt deposits halted;

- interior wiring of navigation lights of lifeboats with corroded electric connections. After application, the corrosion stopped;

- fore horn and electro-pneumatic valve (bucket and its chamber) with salt deposits. After application, the salt deposits halted;

- application of interior mechanisms without equipment dismantling. After application, the mechanisms work perfectly;

- terminal switches of food-store cranes. After application, the rotating connections work without sticking.

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