Processing of city bicycles in Krakow

Processing of city bicycles in Krakow

Nanoprotech will be used for lubricant of all the rental bicycles in Krakow.  

We are glad to tell you that our representative in Poland – Nanoprotech Poland – uses Nanoprotech lubricant to take care of technical condition of the bicycles.

As you know bicycles become more and more popular all over the world and Krakow is not the exception, that is why our partners started the partnership with Krakow-city in Aug 2014, who runs the bike transport there.

Nanoprotech for bikes is a #1 lubricant which keeps your bike in perfect technical condition, in spite of environment (such as rain, dust, dirt, sand, etc) which influences on your bike. With the help of our lubricant your bike will be in good condition, all moving parts will be lubricated and wont rust.

Krakow-city’s technical specialists appreciated Nanoprotech lubricant. All the conditions were proved after several tests. Now Nanoprotech is used for the protection of the rental bicycles.