Signing a contract with ELTRECO Company

Signing a contract with ELTRECO Company

Innovation Technologies Ltd. is pleased to announce the signing a contract with ELTRECO, a leading producer of bicycle hybrids.

ELTRECO is a trade mark joining several companies all over the world that develop, produce, sell and serve the information and technical solutions in the ecology, transport and information industries.

The company produces and distributes various kinds of products. Today among ELCTRECO developments, you can find a great range of vehicles such as bicycle hybrids, golf cars, ecomobiles (vehicle for disabled people), electric loaders, electric scooters, accessories.

Our new partner highly appreciated NANOPROTECH products and confirmed that the products fully comply with the requirements of specifications stated. This fact played a defining role in negotiations, and the signed contract contributed to a productive interaction between companies and to the development of cooperative programs.