Signing a contract with Auromed s.a.s. (Italy)

Signing a contract with Auromed s.a.s. (Italy)

Innovation Technologies Ltd. is glad to inform about signing of a contract with Auromed s.a.s, one of the most well-known distributors in pharmaceutical industry in Italy.

Auromed s.a.s. was founded in 1977 and has been offering the innovation products all over the world.

Mission of the company is to search the innovation technologies in medical surgery and the ideas which will increase the living standards of people.

Our new partner highly appreciated NANOPROTECH products and confirmed that the products fully comply with the requirements of specifications stated. This fact played a defining role in negotiations, and the signed contract contributed to a productive interaction between companies and to the development of cooperative programs.

The first step became the opening of Nanoprotech Italia srl. in Milan.