An article in Czech magazine "ELECTRO”

An article in Czech magazine "ELECTRO”

In Czech professional electrics magazine “ELECTRO” (issue #7), there is an article about NANOPROTECH Electric. We offer you to read it.

NANOPROTECH is nanotechnology for electric appliances.

New product with unique properties NANOPROTECH Electric was introduced on our market. This product shows action of nanotechnologies in practice. A one-layer oily solution is applied by spraying and is purposed for insulation of electric appliances and for prevention of oxidation of electric equipment caused by contact with moisture in adverse environment.

Solution of these problems is nanoparticles with excellent dielectric properties and dielectric strength that can reach 250 kV/cm. After application of NANOPROTECH, insulation resistance of an appliance rises significantly thereby increasing a protection of the appliance and reducing a loss of energy. It is possible to apply NANOPROTECH on as dry as wet, as clean as corroded surfaces which should be protected from water and any aggressive environment (chemical vapour, salt splashes, etc.) Protective properties are maintained at a temperature range from -80 °C to +160 °C. This perfect solution for equipment which requires minimum pretreatment of surface as nano-layer penetrates into rust and protects from corrosion. The coating does not evaporates, does not dry, is not washed by rain and sea water, however the coating can be deleted by mechanic interaction.

Insulation properties are so great that electric appliances can be used directly in water. For the avoidance of doubt, work of equipment in water is nothing more than a demonstration of capabilities of NANOPROTECH protective coating. Please do not try to repeat the experiments. Such a demonstration has to be conducted by a specialist acquainted with all safety rules (editor's note).

NANOPROTECH Electric is used for electric appliances, printed boards, connectors, low and high voltage joints of motor winding, switch-board, fuse panel, and many other.

The news is based on the original article of our representatives in Czech Republic - ELF Logistic Company.

An article in Czech magazine "ELECTRO”