The innovation cable to mass communication was laid

The innovation cable to mass communication was laid

The meeting of representatives of Non-Commercial Partnership «Russian Telecom Club» and Innovation Technologies Ltd. took place February 14, 2011. As a result, an agreement for supply of NANOPROTECH innovation coating and its modifications was signed.

Developing constantly and researching new application areas for the products Innovation Technologies Ltd. introduced new product line fully adapted for use in a communication industry.

Our company has a positive experience with testing of NANOPROTECH Electric and NANOPROTECH Anticor in Mobile TeleSystems OJSC, Dalsvyaz OJSC. During the tests, our specialists made conclusions about application of the protective products in the infrastructure elements of the base station:

  • allows to quickly eliminate the breakdown effects if water gets to the antenna-feeder path connections and the relay sockets in all weather;
  • for application on the base station and all antenna connections, it is necessary to use 2 aerosol cans;
  • prevents from moistre and displaces moisture from the damaged surface at the temperature higher than -80°C;
  • optimal capacity is 210 ml prevents from the product waste;
  • 1 aerosol can was used for application of door lock, pins, hinges;
  • for application on the doors and protective elements of the station, 3 aerosol cans were use;
  • safe application -in practice, it prevents from explosions of gas burners, does not require to heat the padlock by burning paper, does not have a toxic smell, has better properties than those of the products based on kerosene.

Particiation in Cost-Effective Use of Energy and Resources Programm allowed Innovation Technologies Ltd. to learn the methods of cost reduction and increase the service life of marine mechanisms. Our company is a leader in establishing the innovations in Russian market.