NANOPROTECH products are the only products whose efficiency in the protection of metal, electric and electronic details, mechanisms, machinery and equipment from any kind of humidity (steam, moisture, condensate, fog, splashes, salt water, acid rains, chlorinated water, chemical evaporation, etc.) has been proved by practical application.

Each NANOPROTECH product has powerful protective, anticorrosion, lubricating and penetrative properties. Therefore, timely treatment of equipment, electric devices and mechanisms with NANOPROTECH will guarantee full protection and, accordingly, proper performance regardless of environmental impact and service life.

NANOPROTECH are unique water resistant and anticorrosion products for industrial and domestic use. Hi-tech nanotechnolgies were used in the process of creation of every Nanoprotech product. That is why, today Nanoprotech trade mark is an innovation leader in protection of metal, current conductive elements and electronic details from a damage caused by humidity.

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Super Insulation NANOPROTECH

Liquid electrical insulation

- Prevents current leakage and short circuit
- Deeply penetrates and completely displaces moisture
- Restores electric equipment
- Increases insulation resistance up to 1000%
- Provides long-life protection
- Electric devices can work under water

Super Lubricant NANOPROTECH

Next-generation penetrating lubricant

- Stops creaking and protects from wear
- Lubricates any details
- Releases the rust and blocked mechanisms
- Quickly penetrates in mechanism
- Displaces 100% of moisture
- Builds a protective barrier from corrosion


Long-life protection from corrosion

- Easy and convenient use
- No need for a pretreatment of metals
- 100% displacement of moisture and protection from corrosion 
- Harmless for all materials
- Quick penetration in hard-to-reach spots 
- Stable invisible nanocoating protects metals for long


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