NANOPROTECH Anticorrosion

NANOPROTECH Anticorrosion

For protection from humidity and corrosion of metal objects and mechanisms which are used, stored and preserved in unfavorable climatic and harsh environment.

NANOPROTECH Electric was developed specially for industrial use.

Unique water proofing, anticorrosion, insulation, and penetrating properties of «NANOPROTECH» are confirmed by technical statements and laboratory tests (you can request the copies from our official representative).


  • protects metal and mechanisms from all forms of humidity: vapor, moist, air humidity, water condensate, splashes, fog, rain, acid rain, chlorinated and brine water; 
  • displaces humidity, builds reliable elastic protective coating;
  • penetrates under layers of rust and facilitates cleansing and stops a corrosion;
  • eliminates soot, carbon deposit and dirt;
  • makes the rusted details movable;
  • releases the rust and blocked mechanisms;
  • restores performance and conduction of elements damaged by humidity.
  • prevents from creak of details;
  • protects from scratches and fractures on the metal surfaces from corrosion;
  • prevents from freezing of moving mechanisms (locks, hinges, fixing systems, etc.);
  • provides stable operation of equipment in winter;
  • has high penetration rate and is indispensable for lubricating of chain gears and hard-to-reach mechanisms;
  • is efficient for preservation of screwed connections, bearings and moving parts, metal details;
  • is efficient for prevention bearings from humidity and for lubricating of units;
  • saves performance properties and marketable condition of engineering and machine-building products (trucks, buses, trolley buses, good wagons, motors, elevators, bicycles, cranes, cutting machines, compression-type machines, rolling bearings, etc.) on the open-air warehouse and production sites;
  • significantly increases service life of moving mechanisms, equipment details under unfavorable conditions.


  • builds water proof and water repellent coating;
  • completely displaces moisture from the applied surface;
  • due to powerful capillary effect penetrates inside units without dismantling;
  • fills in microscopic cavities;
  • has excellent lubricating properties;
  • saves electric conductivity of the applied connections in water;
  • maintains high elasticity;
  • does not cause harmful effects and does not destroy metals, plastic, rubber, glass, varnish, colors, and ceramics;
  • does not dissolve in water;
  • does nor emulsify is rubber, silicone, acryl, tetrafluoroethylene and aroma free;
  • weather and temperature resistant;
  • health and environment friendly;
  • operating temperature ranges from -80°С to +160°С;
  • duration of protective coating is from 1 to 3 years.

In contrast to so-called liquid keys, lock de-icers and insulating sprays, NANOPROTECH is isopropylalcohol, thylene glycol and white spirit free, does not evaporate, does not require any additional cleansing or lubricating. Protective coating surely grips the surface and is resistant to significant mechanical loading. Insignificant excess of the product can leak out creating stroke marks and oil spots on the surface of water. When displacing a moisture NANOPROTECH lubricates the applied surfaces.

Protective coating securely holds on the surface and withstands strong mechanical loading. Insignificant excess of the product can leak out creating stroke marks and oil spots on the surface of water.


  • industry (mining, processing, mechanical engineering, chemical, metallurgical, power generation etc.);
  • agriculture;
  • aviation, aircraft engineering and repair;
  • inland navigation, shipbuilding and repair;
  • railway and automotive transport, metro, escalators;
  • motorcycles, ATV, ski-doos, bicycles;
  • utilities (preparation for heating season and maintenance);
  • water and wastewater treatment;
  • repair and restoration of military equipment and weapons;
  • repair and restoration of firearms, air weapon, paintball and airsoft guns.

Aims of NANOPROTECH Electric implementation in industry:

  • reduces working efforts of staff;
  • lowers starter current in electric motors and increases their service life;
  • reduces maintenance costs of equipment;
  • increase service life of equipment;
  • improves quality of service.

Easy to use
Wide range of application areas
Does not require preparation of the applied surface
Effective even with wet surfaces
Produced in aerosol cans of 210 ml as well as in industrial package of 1000 l - IBS-container (considered individually).

Application: spray on the applied surface (consumption: 30 ml/m2); immerge the object into the reservoir filled with NANOPROTECH
Shelf life: 5 years from the production date.
Developed and made in Russia 

Usage of NANOPROTECH Electric in industry is economically effective.


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