Anticorrosion lubricant for bicycle that lubricates, protects from corrosion and moisture, stops creaking of the metal details, releases the rusted and blocked details, is ideal for a preservation of bicycle.

Application area:

  • Protects of metal doors, joints, and mechanisms from dampness, moisture, water condensate, splashes, rain.
  • Restores working capacity of joints, mechanisms, and devices damaged by humidity. 
  • Prevents of breakdown, breakage of metal doors, joints, and mechanisms.
  • Increases manyfold service life of metal doors, joints, and mechanisms.
  • Lubricates friction joints: chains, gearshift system f(rear and front), brake cable, screwed connections.
  • It is recommended to apply on the chain of bicycle every 50 km.

Prevents the destruction of dust guard and sealers, and makes them more elastic even at the temperature difference across from -45 to + 160°С. Increases manyfold service life.

NANOPROTECH guarantees a cleansing and lubricating effect, a high grip with the surface of metals and alloys, and a long-term protection from moisture and corrosion (especially from thawing chemicals and salt).


  • protects metal surfaces,
  • equipment and mechanisms from rain, 
  • water condensate, thawing chemicals, 
  • chlorinated and salt water.


  • Lubricates and protects from corrosion and moisture.
  • Stops creaking for long.
  • Releases the rusted and blocked details.
  • Prevents freezing of movable parts at the temperature from 0° to -45°С.
  • Ideal product for preservation and long-term storage.

Competitive advantages:

In contrast to well-known insulating sprays NANOPROTECH Electric is resistant to significant mechanical loading, does not absorb moisture, and is isopropylalcohol, thylene glycol and white spirit free. NANOPROTECH does not evaporate and does not require any additional cleansing or lubricating. NANOPROTECH Electric displaces humidity and lubricates mechanisms.

  • High level protection from moisture.
  • Provides a good grip of the spray with surface (even at fluctuating temperatures).
  • Provides a long-term action on the surface after application.

Easy to use

Wide range of application areas.
Does not require preparation of the applied surface.
Effective even with wet surfaces.

Package: aerosol cans
Volume: 210 ml.
Application: spray on the applied surface.
Consumption: 50 ml/m2.
Duration of a protective coating is from 1 to 3 years.
Shelf life: 5 years from the production date.
Developed and made in Russia.


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