Nanoprotech Auto Electric

Nanoprotech Auto Electriс

How to protect auto electrics and electronics  from short circuit? Nanoprotech Auto Electric.

Service, repair, revitalization and preventive measures of the following equipment: boost coil, high voltage wire, accumulator terminals, tremblers, electric contacts and connections of all kind, fuse panel, ventilators, generators, starter).

In the video, the example of usage of Nanoprotech Auto Electric is shown - application on the trembler, accumulator terminals and fuse panels). It allows to avoid short circuit and oxidation of contacts.

Video showing unique properties of NANOPROTECH Auto Electric for protection from moisture, short circuit, and current leakage. The product has excellent waterproof, corrosion resistant, insulating, lubricating and penetrating properties. Video is provided by Nanorotech Ukraine, our Ukrainian partner.